Sea Sparkles

The story that you and I are in contains seas that glow. You step on the water and it lights up like a million fireflies. You dip your hand in the water and your hand is covered in diamonds. There are places on this planet that contain these free living, marine dwelling species. They are called, Noctiluca scintillans or commonly known as sea sparkles. They glow when they are disturbed. And they are a wonder to behold.

We don’t need to escape this world to see magic. It’s right here on this planet Earth. Many people think this world is dull and boring, or they rather be in Middle Earth or Hogwarts. But this world is actually more amazing. In this world, God speaks and things are and have their being.

“Sunlight makes trees out of thin air (literally), tadpoles turn into frogs, human love turns into children, and you can trick the air into lifting an enormous steel bus full of people up to thirty thousand feet if you know how to curve a wing and harness explosions.  And it’s not all cheerful, happy, kittens-in-baskets magic either.” – N.D. Wilson

Some jellyfish are immortal. Caterpillars turn into slime and transform into butterflies. Peanut butter and chocolate are a thing. And we can use all 5 senses with food. And sex. Jesus didn’t have to make these things, but he did. He wants us to marvel and gaze upon his beauty to enjoy his presence and his creation.

Every beauty in this world is meant to be a reflection of God’s beauty. Just think…if we can experience all of these beautiful things, how beautiful must the Creator be?

Psalm 45:2a (which is about Jesus) says, “You are the most handsome of the sons of men; grace is poured upon your lips;” In Hebrew it is “beautiful, beautiful art thou.” There is no one more beautiful than Jesus.

Christ is so beautiful that even if he were not true, it would be worth it to spend our whole lives looking for him. – C.S. Lewis

I don’t live near the sea, but we do have snow here in Fargo, ND. Every time the sun shines, the snow glitters everywhere. It’s surreal. Billions upon billions of snowflakes are intricately designed and yet all are different from one another. And we get to walk around in this snowy wonderland.

Every day begins with a sunrise and ends with a sunset. This world has a happy beginning and a happy ending. Life is ultimately a comedy, not a tragedy. It’s not just a tale. It’s a true fairytale.

G.K. Chesterton said, “for Alice must first grow small if she is to be Alice in Wonderland.”

Ocean Lagoon

This ocean lagoon I’m sitting by is glowing with pure beauty. It’s clear and refreshing. You look at it, and it makes smile a calming smile. It’s filled with colorful fish, spiky ball things, aquatic families, star fish, and endless water and sand. You can walk out a couple hundred yards and the water still only covers your waist. It’s teal and salty, clear and inviting. It’s quiet, but beyond the lagoon are crashing waves that roar continually. When the sun shines, the ocean lights up like fireflies in the night. The sun warms you and the wind sweeps over you a cool breeze. It’s a wonderful feeling and a magical sight.

These moments and details are all spoken — spoken by God and made for Him. He wants us to see him, he wants us to know him. His creation tells us about him. It reflects his beauty. If this is lovely, how lovely must he be? He is more beautiful than all the beauties of the world. He is filled with majestic glory that is like no other. He is THE LIFE, the source of all joy. Soak up the scenery, capture it, but see Him in it. Oh how much he loves us! If only we saw him everywhere. If only we took the time to stop, to listen, to breath, to feel, to embrace the invisible. His glory truly fills the earth.