Pride & Prejudice

My wife and I watched Pride & Prejudice (2005) over Valentine’s Day weekend. Entering that world and story was so refreshing, it left me feeling happy, inspired, and challenged.

The setting, story, music, filming, and atmosphere of the film was beautiful. I marvel at the excellence that was achieved.

I’ve seen the film multiple times, and there is something about it that reminds me how lovely this world is and how good slowness is. Let me explain.

We live in a culture of speed and instant gratification. Speed can be good, but you then have to ask, “at what cost?” For many people it’s hard to sit still. We are constantly distracted, and we’ve lost a lot of reality–what is right in front us. We like to be connected but do we ever connect?

So when I read about another time period, I’m often inspired or challenged to a different way of living. Pride & Prejudice asks, when was the last time you…

walked instead of drove,
read instead of scrolled,
feasted instead of fast-fooded,
lit candles instead of flicking a switch,
actively listened to music instead of passively hearing music,
and wrote instead of typed?

I’m not saying their time period was perfect. It wasn’t. And there is a lot that wasn’t desirable. But we have lost a lot on the wonder of life, enjoying the present, and pursuing the more difficult pleasures. This instant gratification culture isn’t satisfying. Just look at the depression and anxiety rates skyrocketing.

Maybe I’m a bit old fashioned and I’m not saying we need to pretend we are in the 1800 or 1900’s, but I am saying we have a lot to learn from old practices and lifestyles.

I’m convinced our lives can be more full, richer, and filled with more beauty than we realize.

And don’t get me started on the last scene with Mr. Bingley and Jane as well as the last scene with Elizabeth and her father. It’s lovely. The happiness in this story is contagious.

If you are someone who isn’t into these wonderful stories filled with romance and love, maybe you should check your prejudice of the story and get over your pride. You might be surprised.

PS – Here you can get a lovely cloth-bound book of Pride & Prejudice. I heartily recommend reading the book as their is so much depth of beauty and truth. It is a joy to read.

Below you can see the trailer.