She is Happy

Let me tell you about this person I know. She is so happy. When I see her, she loves to smile. Why does the world become so much more beautiful with her smile? It’s because faces were made to reflect the image of God. And Jesus who is God is happy–the most happy being there is. Smiles reflect the love and beauty of God. So when she is happy, she is spreading that beauty and joy to the world. It’s contagious. 

Her happiness speaks of her gratitude. And as Chesterton says, gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder. She is a wonder. And she is filled with wonder. Wonder that she is alive. Wonder that she gets to know and be known. Wonder that is thrilled with living and exploring this extraordinary world. 

The most common things are a pleasure to her. She loves eating good food. Being in motion is her love language. And motion creates emotion. She looks you in the eye like there is something to discover about you. She is fascinated by the shape and texture of things. Color catches her eye. 

The world needs more people like her. With so much fear, despair and anxiety that floods our culture, we need people like her that shine brightly, give hope for humanity, and remind us how wonderful life is. Think about the time a stranger smiled at you. Not a smidget smile of politeness, but a genuine smile. It is profound the effect it can have on you. I wish I could communicate the effect this girl has on me–on others. You should just meet her. 

She is my 8 month old daughter.