Pride & Prejudice

My wife and I watched Pride & Prejudice (2005) over Valentine’s Day weekend. Entering that world and story was so refreshing, it left me feeling happy, inspired, and challenged.

The setting, story, music, filming, and atmosphere of the film was beautiful. I marvel at the excellence that was achieved.

I’ve seen the film multiple times, and there is something about it that reminds me how lovely this world is and how good slowness is. Let me explain.

We live in a culture of speed and instant gratification. Speed can be good, but you then have to ask, “at what cost?” For many people it’s hard to sit still. We are constantly distracted, and we’ve lost a lot of reality–what is right in front us. We like to be connected but do we ever connect?

So when I read about another time period, I’m often inspired or challenged to a different way of living. Pride & Prejudice asks, when was the last time you…

walked instead of drove,
read instead of scrolled,
feasted instead of fast-fooded,
lit candles instead of flicking a switch,
actively listened to music instead of passively hearing music,
and wrote instead of typed?

I’m not saying their time period was perfect. It wasn’t. And there is a lot that wasn’t desirable. But we have lost a lot on the wonder of life, enjoying the present, and pursuing the more difficult pleasures. This instant gratification culture isn’t satisfying. Just look at the depression and anxiety rates skyrocketing.

Maybe I’m a bit old fashioned and I’m not saying we need to pretend we are in the 1800 or 1900’s, but I am saying we have a lot to learn from old practices and lifestyles.

I’m convinced our lives can be more full, richer, and filled with more beauty than we realize.

And don’t get me started on the last scene with Mr. Bingley and Jane as well as the last scene with Elizabeth and her father. It’s lovely. The happiness in this story is contagious.

If you are someone who isn’t into these wonderful stories filled with romance and love, maybe you should check your prejudice of the story and get over your pride. You might be surprised.

PS – Here you can get a lovely cloth-bound book of Pride & Prejudice. I heartily recommend reading the book as their is so much depth of beauty and truth. It is a joy to read.

Below you can see the trailer.

Sea Sparkles

The story that you and I are in contains seas that glow. You step on the water and it lights up like a million fireflies. You dip your hand in the water and your hand is covered in diamonds. There are places on this planet that contain these free living, marine dwelling species. They are called, Noctiluca scintillans or commonly known as sea sparkles. They glow when they are disturbed. And they are a wonder to behold.

We don’t need to escape this world to see magic. It’s right here on this planet Earth. Many people think this world is dull and boring, or they rather be in Middle Earth or Hogwarts. But this world is actually more amazing. In this world, God speaks and things are and have their being.

“Sunlight makes trees out of thin air (literally), tadpoles turn into frogs, human love turns into children, and you can trick the air into lifting an enormous steel bus full of people up to thirty thousand feet if you know how to curve a wing and harness explosions.  And it’s not all cheerful, happy, kittens-in-baskets magic either.” – N.D. Wilson

Some jellyfish are immortal. Caterpillars turn into slime and transform into butterflies. Peanut butter and chocolate are a thing. And we can use all 5 senses with food. And sex. Jesus didn’t have to make these things, but he did. He wants us to marvel and gaze upon his beauty to enjoy his presence and his creation.

Every beauty in this world is meant to be a reflection of God’s beauty. Just think…if we can experience all of these beautiful things, how beautiful must the Creator be?

Psalm 45:2a (which is about Jesus) says, “You are the most handsome of the sons of men; grace is poured upon your lips;” In Hebrew it is “beautiful, beautiful art thou.” There is no one more beautiful than Jesus.

Christ is so beautiful that even if he were not true, it would be worth it to spend our whole lives looking for him. – C.S. Lewis

I don’t live near the sea, but we do have snow here in Fargo, ND. Every time the sun shines, the snow glitters everywhere. It’s surreal. Billions upon billions of snowflakes are intricately designed and yet all are different from one another. And we get to walk around in this snowy wonderland.

Every day begins with a sunrise and ends with a sunset. This world has a happy beginning and a happy ending. Life is ultimately a comedy, not a tragedy. It’s not just a tale. It’s a true fairytale.

G.K. Chesterton said, “for Alice must first grow small if she is to be Alice in Wonderland.”

She is Happy

Let me tell you about this person I know. She is so happy. When I see her, she loves to smile. Why does the world become so much more beautiful with her smile? It’s because faces were made to reflect the image of God. And Jesus who is God is happy–the most happy being there is. Smiles reflect the love and beauty of God. So when she is happy, she is spreading that beauty and joy to the world. It’s contagious. 

Her happiness speaks of her gratitude. And as Chesterton says, gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder. She is a wonder. And she is filled with wonder. Wonder that she is alive. Wonder that she gets to know and be known. Wonder that is thrilled with living and exploring this extraordinary world. 

The most common things are a pleasure to her. She loves eating good food. Being in motion is her love language. And motion creates emotion. She looks you in the eye like there is something to discover about you. She is fascinated by the shape and texture of things. Color catches her eye. 

The world needs more people like her. With so much fear, despair and anxiety that floods our culture, we need people like her that shine brightly, give hope for humanity, and remind us how wonderful life is. Think about the time a stranger smiled at you. Not a smidget smile of politeness, but a genuine smile. It is profound the effect it can have on you. I wish I could communicate the effect this girl has on me–on others. You should just meet her. 

She is my 8 month old daughter.